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Jesi’s love of hair started when she was a child.  She loved getting her haircut but didn’t understand why her friend wasn’t as excited about it.  She would always call her after a salon visit and say, “Want to see my new haircut?”
This progressed into her first salon job as a receptionist at the young age of 15.  Then she enrolled in Cosmetology School as a Junior in High School.  She worked behind the chair at the age of 18 while juggling full time college, and has stayed in the industry ever since, despite a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management.  This year makes 19 years of working behind the chair.
She has an approachable demeanor and personality which helps make each client experience comfortable.  No topic is off limits and she loves to listen.  
Some of her favorites are cool, icy blondes, men’s haircutting and women’s short haircutting mostly using a razor.  She understands that trends are always changing so she makes time to continue her education.  
Outside of the salon she has 2 young children that keep her quite busy. 
Jesi is currently accepting new clients and would love to meet you!

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